Morning Scenes

it’s three in the morning lights are still off but candles are lit she on her knees with her weary face and circle of beads on hand talking to high above praying for her little ones the next morning you will find her in the same spot back on her knees quietly conversing to the… Continue reading Morning Scenes


How Big Is Your R.A.K.?

R.A.K. or Random Acts of Kindness is a new monthly blog feature created by the girls of Book Soulmates. This fantastic idea is a way to do something nice for other book bloggers by granting them "wishes" (buying them something from their book wishlists). The rules: R.A.K. is open to everyone Sign up each month you'd… Continue reading How Big Is Your R.A.K.?


GatheringBooks 1 Year Anniversary, 4 Public Schools, 1000 Books

GatheringBooks  is celebrating its First Anniversary.  As a part of their celebration they are hoping to give 1000 books to four disadvantaged public schools in Samar, Philippines.  Let's join GatheringBooks in their efforts to generate supports and funds for this project. Children should not be shut out from reading because they live in a family… Continue reading GatheringBooks 1 Year Anniversary, 4 Public Schools, 1000 Books


What’s your reading personality?

 What's your reading personality? Are you an eclectic, serial, exacting, or involved reader? I found this quiz over at BookBrowse and my result is: Exacting Reader! The expression 'so many books, so little time!' sums up your life. You love books but you rarely have as much time to read as you'd like -… Continue reading What’s your reading personality?