Heroic Reality

It’s easy to be captivated
by the tales we’re told
of heroes and their bravery
and how they are so bold.

In our minds, they seem invincible
a symbol of hope, a shining example
but when we meet them in the flesh
we realize they too are human, no less.

Flawed and imperfect, just like the rest
yet, it’s their perseverance that truly impress
for they faced their fears and overcame
and for that, we admire them with acclamation.

We imagine what it would be like
to meet them in person one day
to see if they’re as impressive
as the stories that have come our way.

But sometimes the image shatters
when we finally come face to face
and we realize with disappointment
they’re just human, in the same place.

Perhaps we’ve set our expectations
too high, without reason or rhyme
forgetting that heroes, too, are flawed
and that’s perfectly fine, every time.

So let’s cherish the inspiration they bring
the lessons they teach and the good they do
but let’s not forget they’re human too
just like me and just like you.

The Chains of Routine

work, work, and work, from dusk until dawn
a lifestyle that leaves us feeling down
pushing us harder, at a breakneck pace
as we strive to make it to the top of the race

the clients demand, our boss commands
we’re expendable pawns in their hands
we’re trapped in a cycle, no end in sight
our dreams and passions, always out of sight

we forget what it’s like to be really alive
as each day passes, we barely survive
our bodies tired, our minds numb and blank
we’re like machines mindlessly doing task at hand

the days blur together, a monotonous scene
our souls crushed, our spirit in between
the pressure builds, our hearts heavy with sorrow
as we strive for a better tomorrow

we are not machines, we are human beings
with emotions, desires, and meaningful dreams
we yearn for meaning, for purpose and light
to break free from this never-ending fight

it’s time to take control, and make a change
to prioritize our health, and break the chain
our lives are more than just work and stress
we deserve to be happy, and to live with success

so let’s break free from the unhealthy routine
and create a life that is fulfilling and serene
we can find a job that values who we are
and live a life that will take really far

it’s time to step back, to take a deep breath
to find our own path, and avoid an early death
our time is precious, our life is a gift
let’s make each moment count, and find our peace.