Recycled Cover Art in YA Books

In my last post entitled YA Books Cover Art Transformation, Carol mentioned in her comment that the cover art of the book Entwined reminds her of The Vespertine. Which reminds me that there are two other books which actually looks so much alike with The Vespertine cover art – Dark Angel and the Aussie cover of The Goddess Test. I also seen a lot of books who look so much alike with other books in terms of book cover art.  One time I need to buy a book for a friend, but I can’t remember the title nor the author of that particular book but I’m pretty familiar with the cover so I searched the bookstore and bought one only to find out after that it is totally different from what I’m looking for, just the same cover.

I tried to search online for some YA books that reused or recycled art designs or photos as a book cover art. These books share the same cover art with other books, some are cropped, rotated, or re-colored to make it unnoticeable. But if you are a visual person like me you might take a second look and try to remember where did you see that cover before. Here are some of the books I find online which share the same cover art with other books.

There are more books out there who share the same cover art, not just in YA books but also in other genre. Some are altered to make it a bit different but clearly same layout and design.

What do you think of books who share the same cover art? Do you own any books with the same cover? Did you also noticed the similarity?