Bloggers’ Forum & Book Signing with Tahereh Mafi + Ransom Riggs

Tahereh Mafi visits Manila, Philippines for a book signing event organized by one of the biggest book store here in Phillippines, National Book Store. There are lots of activities for Tahereh and two of those I witness last Saturday first hand. The first one is the bloggers’ forum held at Powerbooks Greenbelt 4, Makati City, where I got the privileged to meet Tahereh in flesh and joined the other bloggers for Q&A activity, book signing, picture taking and lots of chatting and fun talks about almost anything under the sun.

There are only twenty plus bloggers on the forum which mostly know each others already so basically the event is light and fun. Tahereh is game and more than willing to answers all our questions as well as open to our suggestions and rants. She teased us about the next books and her other projects. A lot of suggestion for the title of the next Shatter Me book come out from the bloggers attendees such as Unshackled Me, Stripped Me and other funny suggestions. As of now, there’s no title yet for the next Shatter Me book, but Tahereh is calling it, “Untitled Me“.

Talking to Tahereh is an awesome and fun experience. I think not only us attendees that were having fun but also Tahereh and Ransom Riggs. Yes, you read it right! Ransom Riggs was also there. He come along with Tahereh to check out the event. He was supposed to be just sitting along with us while Tahereh lead the answering in front. But near the end of our Q&A with Tahereh, Ransom Riggs’ presence were acknowledged and then later he joined Tahereh in front to answer some questions too. Like Tahereh he is game and willing.

Having both them in front of us is really fantastic. If talking to Tahereh alone is so much fun, having both of them in front is a blast. Together they are simply hilarious. They were both candid, smart, accommodating and full of life. Talking to them is just like chatting to my friends I’ve never seen for a long time. So much catch-up while having fun.

After the Q&A with both authors, we still got spare time before Tahereh need to go to her signing so we got out books signed right there at the forum while having our free coffee and muffins for snacks. Some of the hardbound copies of Unravel Me were also defaced by Tahereh, and my copy is one of those books. She write a quote from the book and doodle the cover of our books, in short she redesigned our copy of Unravel Me. You can check some photos of Tahereh’s defaced books in here if you can’t picture much what I’m saying about defacing books.

And of course Ransom signed our books too. I didn’t expect to see him that day so I didn’t bring my hardbound copy of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get a new copy to be signed. So I bought a paperback copy (no hardbound available) at Powerbooks and have it signed by Ransom. Can I just say that he is so handsome! Yes, we are team Handsome after that day! Ransom Handsome! and Tahereh’s Mafia!

Bloggers Forum

The second event with Tahereh is the actual book signing held at National Book Store, Grolrietta 1 where a lots of eager fans went to see Tahereh and get their books signed. I’m not sure about the actual counts of attendees but the place is pretty jam-packed. No space left open other than the little stage in front. Even the second floor are full of people. Technically, we don’t need to attend the signing since we have all our books signed at the bloggers’ forum, but we still went there to watch and check the event and of course to support Tahereh and Ransom. Tahereh answered questions from the crowd and from the event host. After awhile Ransom is also introduced to the audience and then a few more messages before the book signing started.

The crowd go gaga! Like us, they didn’t expect to meet two authors in one event. A lot of squealing and cheering from the crowds. My sister who actually see Ransom at the forum but didn’t get the chance to take a picture with him keep on asking me to do something so she can have a photo with Ransom too. At first I think it would be impossible since the signing is more crowded than the forum. But before the actual book signing started, I saw a chance to talk to Ransom and asked him the favor. As expected he accommodate us willingly and he obviously recognize me again. His first few words to me is, “Hey, it’s you again”. While I’m talking to him other attendees in the area are staring at us. We chat a little bit before my sister finally brave to come closer to Ransom. It’s just a few quick shots and my sister is beaming with joy. For someone who isn’t a book reader yet, I think my sister can be transformed into one, especially with that kind of perks.

tahereh mafi signing

So far, this is the best bookish event I’ve attended. Tahereh and Ransom are really friendly, and together they are fantastic. I wasn’t expecting how funny both of them would be. They throw funny jokes and shares interesting facts about themselves too. As of I know after all their bookish/work assignments here in Manila, they will also visit one of the prettiest Island in the country, El Nido Palawan for leisure. I’m sure they will enjoy their stay there. It’s one of the most beautiful place here in the Philippines.

Thanks to National Book Store for bringing Tahereh here in Manila and for organizing a bloggers forum and book signing. Thanks also to Kai of amaterasu reads for bringing me along to the forum as her plus one. And a million thanks to Tahereh and Ransom for making my bookish Saturday memorable. I really had a blast meeting and talking to both of you. The best author meet-up ever! Thanks so much!

For more information about Tahereh and her books, visit her website here. And for Ransom Riggs and his books, visit his website here. You may also check my review for Tahereh Mafi’s books, Shatter Me and Unravel Me.

Book Signing Tour : Tahereh Mafi in PH

Tahereh Mafi in Manila

Bestselling author Tahereh Mafi will be a having a book signing event here in Manila on March 2nd, 4 pm, at the new National Book Store flagship branch in Glorietta 1. There will be an exclusive Question and Answer with Tahereh Mafi too before the book signing which is open only for lucky invited bloggers and maybe reporters. I didn’t get a direct invite from the event organizer but I am lucky enough to join the Q&A because some of my friends where invited and each of them can bring one friend with them. Thank so much to Kai of Amaterasu Reads for extending the invitation to me. Thanks too to National Book Store for bringing Tahereh here in Manila. I’m so excited to finally meet and talk to Tahereh Mafi, that’s if I can manage to open my mouth and don’t eat my tongue in front of Tahereh.

To those who are going to the event, here are some important details you should know:

  • Registration starts at 3 PM
  • You may have any number of books signed as long as they were bought either National Book Store, Power Books or Bestsellers. NBS has the right to lessen the number of books to be signed depending on the influx of attendees.
  • You can also buy copies of the book at the event itself
  • Pictures with Tahereh Mafi may be taken but only one per group/person.
  • Shatter Me (paperback) and Unravel Me (paperback) are both available fore Php 329.00. Unravel Me (hardcover) will be available at the event for Php 599.00.

Who’s excited for this event? Can’t wait to see Tahereh and my Filipino book bloggers and readers friends.