The Reaper

I just finished reading Reaper, a novella from Soul Screamers series written by Rachel Vincent. I’m supposed to write a review but out of nowhere I came up with this poem in few minutes.

The Reaper

He doesn’t wear a black cloak
Nor carry a shinny scythe in hand
But he works just the same
A reaper of darkness

His name means death
Dark news is what he carry
His job is to take a life
A soul keeper of hell

He is the personification of darkness
Not a figment of your imagination
As you might wish he is
So be careful not to see him soon

You may scream all you want
But when your time comes
You can’t do anything about it
He will take your life away

But don’t be shock if one day
He showed up to you
You wont recognize him in person
As he looks anything but grim

With his blond curly hair
Bright blue eyes and thick lashes
He surely looks an angel
An angel of death

His job is to collect
Not a debt but a soul on the list
He take his job pretty seriously
So don’t you dare mess up with his duty

When the time comes and he come to you
Walking in shadows soundlessly
Carrying a list with your name it
Will you be afraid to see him in hell?

4 thoughts on “The Reaper

  1. wooowww… what a scarily weird rendition of the reaper, he sounds much more scary because you wont know he is the reaper as he looks friendly.. amazing.. 🙂


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