water flows down again from your skinny face,
and seeing them now makes me feel helpless,
especially since I caused it in the first place.

I am sorry; sometimes I forget about your condition,
and I’m still not used to all these shifts around us

you used to be the stronger one,
the fighter, the brave, the one we all turned to for help

I’m still trying to fit myself into this new role,
and no amount of training can prepare me for it,
but I have no choice but to give my best

sometimes I wish you could guide me like you used to,
but I know you’ve already done your part,
and I can only hope I’ve learned enough to make you proud

sometimes I wish I could be the hero you are to me,
to save you from all the pain and worries,
but I know no one can replace you,
and all I can do is be strong for you

Through the Lens

In the realm of cameras,
the lens is the window to the world,
framing and capturing the scene,
focusing our attention.

But sometimes the lens can deceive,
cropping out what we cannot see,
showing only what it wants us to perceive,
blurring reality, leaving us naïve.

It’s a metaphor for life, you see,
our lenses shaped by experience and belief,
our conscious and subconscious themes,
controlling what we perceive.

We see what we want to see,
what our lens allows us to perceive,
missing out on the rest of the scene,
trapped in a myopic, self-imposed scheme.

So, let’s be mindful of our lenses,
expand our focus, adjust our frames,
so we can see more of life’s beauty,
and not just what our lens proclaims.

Heroic Reality

It’s easy to be captivated
by the tales we’re told
of heroes and their bravery
and how they are so bold.

In our minds, they seem invincible
a symbol of hope, a shining example
but when we meet them in the flesh
we realize they too are human, no less.

Flawed and imperfect, just like the rest
yet, it’s their perseverance that truly impress
for they faced their fears and overcame
and for that, we admire them with acclamation.

We imagine what it would be like
to meet them in person one day
to see if they’re as impressive
as the stories that have come our way.

But sometimes the image shatters
when we finally come face to face
and we realize with disappointment
they’re just human, in the same place.

Perhaps we’ve set our expectations
too high, without reason or rhyme
forgetting that heroes, too, are flawed
and that’s perfectly fine, every time.

So let’s cherish the inspiration they bring
the lessons they teach and the good they do
but let’s not forget they’re human too
just like me and just like you.


You are not my answered prayer
Like what they thought you are
Because my prayers are never been about asking
But more about gratefulness and thank yous

I never needed a savior to rescue me
Or someone to give me things I couldn’t achieve
My prayers were about finding inner peace
To see the beauty in life and to live with ease

But then you came along
And everything changed, I felt so strong
I never asked for love, but you gave it anyway
And now I pray that you’re here to stay

I rarely asked anything, never demand something
But for the first time, I’m asking high above
To let you stay in my life for as long as possible
Let me continue this new journey with you

A new path I intend to take, with you by my side
I pray that every step we take will be a joyful ride
And even when the road is bumpy and steep
I pray that our love will be strong enough to keep

So, you may not be the answer to my prayers
But I’m grateful for you, for the love we share
With each inhalation, I express gratitude,
As destiny’s divine hand brought me to you.

Forgotten City

The empty streets stretch before me
Like a blank canvas awaiting its painter
And I, the lone wanderer, fill the void
With each step I take in silent contemplation

Buildings and architecture once full of life
Now shadows of their former selves
Windows shattered, doors banged up
A haunting testament to the past

The wind whispers secrets in my ear
Tales of those who used to roam these streets
Of laughter, love, and long-forgotten dreams
Now lost to the ravages of time

Yet amidst the desolation, I find solace
In the beauty of the stars above
Shining bright against the blackened sky
A reminder that even in darkness, there is light

And so I continue my walk
Through this forgotten fairy tale
Where the only sounds are my footsteps
Echoing into the night

As I reach the end of my journey,
I turn back and take one last look.
I may leave this forgotten city behind,
But its memories will forever be mine.


waiting for the coffee to brew,
waiting for the traffic to subdue,
waiting for the clock to strike five,
waiting for the weekend to arrive.

waiting for the phone to ring,
waiting for the doorbell to sing,
waiting for someone to arrived,
waiting for news that makes us thrive.

it feels like life is just composed of waiting,
a series of moments, and anticipating,
the next thing to happen or occur,
without realizing, time has become a blur.

but amidst all this waiting,
we often forget to appreciate,
the moments that make up our day,
the simple joys that come our way.

the sunrise, the flowers, the breeze,
the laughter, the love, the ease,
perhaps it’s time to stop waiting,
and start living, and appreciating.