The Virtual Daily Grind

The day begins with a constant buzzing sound
The alarm clock blares, signaling it’s time
I wake up to a virtual world all around
And the daily grind of work, now online.

I sit at my desk, in the comfort of home
With a laptop and a cup of coffee in hand
I log in to my work, feeling fully grown
Ready to tackle this new day of work.

With video calls and endless emails to send
I work tirelessly through the hours of the day
Pouring my all into every task, till the end
Never pausing to catch my breath, or take a break.

The clock ticks by, as I pour out my soul
Into progress reports, presentations and more
And as the day winds down, I feel the toll
Of the relentless pace, I can’t ignore.

But despite the chaos and the endless demands
I know that I am strong, and I am in control
For I am the master of my own plans
And I’ll see this through, from beginning to end.


Love me, recklessly,
With abandon and unbridled passion.
Protect me with the ferocity
Of a madman fiercely defending his love.
Care for me with a heart
That beats like a possessive lunatic.
Love me fervently,
Regardless of reason or logic.
Love me wildly and deeply,
In the only way you know how.


There’s more to life than just being fashionable,
Than trying to keep up with the latest trend.
It’s time to break free from the need for likes,
And find a style that’s uniquely you, my friend.

Stop chasing all the world’s validations
For their approval are short and false
You have everything you need inside
Your worth is not based on their words.

Don’t waste your time pleasing others
Or living life according to their lines
The world needs more individuals
Not just the same old crowd.

Put aside the masks and show who you are,
Embrace your quirks, all your flaws,
And everything that makes you whole and you
For true beauty lies within your heart.

Just be yourself, and show to everyone
The person you truly are inside
Let your confidence, kindness, and grace
Be the fashion that shines, brighter than any light.

You are more than just clothes and fashion
Be proud of who and what you really are
The beauty in imperfection is what sets you apart
So cast off the masks and show the world your heart

The Unseen Battle

Everyone sees the strength I wear,
The wisdom in my eyes so fair,
But not the scars that line my heart,
The pain that tore my world apart.

They see the grace with which I stand,
And marvel at the art of my hand,
But never guess the tears I’ve shed,
The battles fought, and wars I’ve faced

Demons threatened to destroy my soul,
And leave me empty, broken, and cold.
Yet I have fought and won the fight,
Against the creatures of the night.

And now I wear my scars with pride,
For they are badges of my fight,
A symbol of the person I’ve become,
And all the battles I’ve overcome.

With a heart of gold, and spirit whole
I am now standing proud and tall
For every pain, has made me strong,
Every scar is a reminder of where I belong.

For every tear, for every ache,
For every wound that wouldn’t heal,
I’ve grown in grace, in strength, in faith,
And learned to love, to trust, to feel.

So now I stand, a warrior bold,
With scars that shine, stories untold,
A testament to life’s fierce hold,
A soul reborn, a heart of gold.

Transformed Through Fire

No longer will I light the flame,
To keep others warm and free from pain,
Burning myself, keeping others warm
Only bring me tears and more harm.

I’ve given all I had to give,
Pouring out my heart to live,
A life of love, for others’ sake,
But now, for me, it’s time to take.

I’m done with sacrificing my peace,
Putting others’ needs above my own, with ease,
I’ve given too much, leaving me empty
Time to take back my life, and be free

Start to focus on my own well-being,
And let my soul and heart find healing,
For when I’m strong and full of love,
I’ll be able to spread it like a dove.

So I’ll keep the flame of self-love ablaze,
And watch it flourish, in each and every phase,
For when I’m whole, I’ll shine so bright,
Inspiring others to find their own light.

Bookish Escape

escaping life’s relentless pace
with a book in hand and tea to taste
pages turning mind at ease
worries fade, with each chapter’s breeze
lost in tales of wonder is all I need

with each sip of tea, I feel my soul warmed
stress and worries are slowly gone
with every word, I find my ease
as the pages turned, I am free
with my escape, I’ve overcome

for in these moments, peace was found
a break from life’s relentless sound
in this peaceful refuge, I’ll stay
until I’m ready to face another day
with newfound strength, I’ll be ready to fight

as I close the book and set it down
the real world gradually creeps back in
but I know that these moments are mine
a treasure to cherish and I will always find
peace and comfort in this simple retreat

so I’ll return to these pages from time to time
to escape reality and find peace within
renew my strength with a book and tea
for in this world, I am forever at peace
forever thankful for the refuge they give